Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Urdu Alphabet- The three elementary wovels 1

दरअसल उर्दू में संकृत की तरह ही तीन मुख्य (Elementary ) स्वर या वोवेल्स होते हैं:

There are three main or elementary wovels in urdu:

Alif- (ا)
wav- (و)
Ye, Ya, Ya-e-mahroof- (ی)

Alif-ul-madd which is a derivative of Alif, is used for pronunciation of "aa"
For example, Lets consider the way we write "Aarzu" which means wish. Its a noun .


Ain is  (ع) a consonent which is used along with a wovel and it changes the form of that letter.This is the way its written. (عـ)
Lets consider a word

Ashar- اشر

Ashar means bad or wicked, however there's another way ashar is written


This means tenth part.