Wednesday, May 20, 2009

दिल में अब यूँ तेरे भूले हुए ग़म आते हैं- ग़ज़ल-फ़ैज़

दिल में अब यूँ तेरे भूले हुए ग़म आते हैं,
जैसे बिछडे हुए काबे में सनम आते हैं।

एक एक करके हुए जाते है तारे रोशन,
मेरी मंज़िलकी तरफ़ तेरे क़दम आते हैं।

रक़्स-ऐ-मय तेज़ करो साज़ की लय तेज़ करो ,
सू-ऐ-मैखाना सफीरान-ऐ-हरम आते हैं।

कुछ हमीं को नहीं एहसान उठाने काम दिमाग़
वो तो जब आते हैं माइल ब करम आते हैं।

और कुछ देर न गुज़रे शब्-ऐ-फुरकत से कहो ,
दिल भी कम दुखता है,वो याद भी कम आते हैं।

सफीरान-दूत,नामावर,संदेश वाहक .
हरम - काबा,ख़ुदा का घर
सू-ऐ-मैखाना-मैखाने की तरफ,मैखाने की ओर।
माइल ब करम-कृपालू,कृपादृष्टि दिखाने की दृष्टी।

This is how i start

Let me discribe here the way i learnt the language.I must clarify that i'm still not the master of the language and that was because i didn't persuade it with devotion.This subject however,can be discussed later but i must specify that my intention of starting the blog is to make people aware of the script and make the study as easy as not to get intimated by the script.
The concept here is that if you know hindi grammer,you would know urdu as well.Once you start getting hang of the scrpit and the way its read and written,everything else depend upon how viciously one would persuade the study.Let me come back to how i started.
I baught a book "Daag ki Shaayari" which was a collection of poems by Daagh Dehlvi,It had
the poems in urdu on one side and same in devnagri scrpit on other with explaination for difficult words.I tried comparing and kept an alpabet guide with me,I started writing the words with the help of the guide and found joining the alphabets to form a word was a difficult part.The alphabets changed their appearence once they became part of the words.
The letter ن which is "N" or "न " changed its appearance once an آ was connected to it and became نا
Lets see how "i" or "इ" changes its apperaence:

غ+آ+ل+ی+ب =غالیب

Did you notice how "इ " changed its appearence to two small dots and a curve connecting "ल " and "ब".
By the way the word you just learnt is "ग़ालिब "-Takhallus used by undisputed King of Urdu poetry Mirza Asadullah Khan.