Tuesday, February 4, 2014


"Saqi"  (أردو - ساقي ) (हिंदी - साक़ी )  means the one who serves the liquor, the one who makes one inebriate or intoxicated, someone who gives love, a lover.

I'll be quoting following couplet from Faiz Ahmed Faiz to elobarate the usage of this word.
Faiz says:

ज़हर से धो लिए हैं होंठ अपने
लुत्फ़-ए -साक़ी  ने जब कमी की है.

it means that

I qunched my thirst with poison
whenever my lover wasn't generous with wine of her love

The word uses (हिंदी - सीन, أردو - س )  and also pronunciation is q insted of k (हिंदी -क़ , أردو - ق )
which is kaaf with a q pronunciation.
Here is how you write Saqi in urdu:

س+ا+ق+ي = ساقي