Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Complete works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz

It was the one of those eveings during Ramzaan,Me alongwith with my few other foody friends,
went to bhedi baazaar in Mumbai,we tried street food and the famous "Barah handi" situated
in a thinly street next to Badshah juice shop in Crawford market,however this post is not about the food adventure,I found in Bhedi bazaar the most amazing shop where i found complete works of Faiz,Mirza Ghalib and many others.It was a pleasant surprise,I was a real armature then and i haven't taken big leaps in Urdu studies however the joy to find such books on really affordable prices made me happy.
I wrote this post when i read posts from people who were not able to find these works and if one needs to find the complete works,He can visit Bhedi bazaar in Mumbai,These books are available at Usmania book store at Muhammad Ali Road.

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