Friday, August 21, 2009

urdu alphabet

The Perso-Arabian charectars are arranged according to the similarity or shape,unlike the devnaagri charecatrs which are grouped phonetically।The urdu alphabet,It must be remembered is composed of the arabic,persian and hindi letters.

The urdu gutturals kaaf (ک) and gaaf (گ) , pronounced by lifting the root of the tongue at the throat, correspond to क and ग while kha (کھ) and gha (گھ) with aspiration have the same articulation as and in Devnaagree।

The harsh guttural "Khai" (خ) is pronounced with greater force and roughness and resembles

The soft guttural "ghain" (غ) is articulated well down the throat with a vibration and denoted by ग़

and the deep guttural qaf (ق) denotes क़

The Pharyngeal "ain" (ع) is indicated by by the spiritus asper (ء) followed by a wovel in devnaagri and sometimes is used for

There is a slightly pharyngeal (ۂ) which has its corresponding to in devnaagri ।

Now, There is another ( حـ) which denotes ह with a slight dot below it-The same way one would put below qaf as क़ and ghain as ग़ .unfortunately devnaagri doesn't have a letter defined and therefore it can not be shown.

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