Tuesday, January 21, 2014


तेरे  वादे पर जिए हम तो ये जान झूठ जानां
के ख़ुशी से मर न जाते , अगर ऐतबार होता

  I remembered this couplet from Ghalib, out of blue and i thought of his wonderful poetry.
I first heard Mirza Ghalib through Jagjeet Singh and we sang him like crazy, day and night, and it was not because i could understand the poetry but only because of the compositions.
Now after 20 years when i am 37 years of age and have been through some of the bad and good phases of life, i realize the poetry and understand it.As  the great Leonard Cohen says "One has to close himself to world sometime. The heart , it opens and closes and opens again, one can't trust his or her heart" and i know that my heart did closed and opened many times in so many years and it keeps doing the same everyday.
The loss of love,friendship and aspirations, the daily grind , made me understand the beauty of poetry and now i smile like everyone else when he realizes that "Yes, I have felt that way".

Lets learn how to write Eitbaar (हिंदी- ऐतबार ): أردو


اي+ ت +ب  ا +ر


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